The ultimate fall guy.... and worst job in the world, Bernanke

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    Man, you gotta feel sorry for the guy:

    1) he has to get his ass kicked in front of everyone by (for example) Ron Paul, yet has to play dumb, lie and be subservient to his masters (think about being duct-taped to a chair while someone beats you down, thats what watching that was like)

    2) The economy is spending way more than its saving on wars, debts, etc etc, but somehow Bernanke has to turn it into the garden of Eden

    3) every decision he makes at least 50% of people are going to call him an idiot.

    4) Even if he chooses the PERFECT course of action, we will never know, and at least 50% of the people will say he did it all wrong and is a twit, because way Y would have been far superior.

    5) He has to choose between devastating the dollar or devasting his own ass by not following the politicians instructions. And even when he devastates the dollar its going to come back and devastate his own ass down the line, in knock on tape problem.

    So to summarize, to do bernankes job, must utterly suck so bad.
  2. 1) Like he cares

    2) He does not have to do anything, just make you believe he is supposed to care for the general population

    3) Not his decision. learn how the Fed meetings work. They take a vote. As if their votes are even determined by the members, they are just representing their respective interests.

    4) Like he cares

    5) He is not choosing anything, the course has been determined decades before him. And every decision is the RIGHT one, just not for you or 95% of the population. It's a very tough concept to understand for most ppl, probably because they have been dumbed down so much.

    Bottom line, he does not give a sh*t what you or 95% of the population think about him. The man is set for life.
    Now whether he can live with himself, knowing what he is doing, is another story. Or maybe he is that gullible and easily manipulated. Does not really matter, if not him, then someone else. The Fed chair is just a public figure anyway, a sinecure position.
  3. Bernanke's job won't nearly suck as bad as the dude who took the Citi job