The ultimate embarassing Irony that exposes how stupid the liberal media is.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Tonight Piers Morgan had Zimmermans brother on his show, and obviously it was one leading question after another full of lies and fake accusations on the part of Piers who had already convicted the guy.

    So here is what makes this one of the most Ironic segments on CNN. First off Piers perfectly represents the way the left wing media is treating this, Zimmerman is guilty till proven innocent.

    So right after he gets done trying to bury zimmermans brother the next guest he is having on is MIKE TYSON.

    The first thing Piers asks Tyson is what he thinks of the Trayvon case, and MIKE TYSONS RESPONSE IS:


    You know the lynch mob has gone to far when TYSON has to excercise restraint and bring you back to reality.

    He specifically says, I dont know, i can only go by whats on television, so i wonder if he remembered his days as a fighter, and rememberd all the lies that the media like to spread.

    Piers continues to ask him one leading question after another, and MIKE TYSON is the one who is restrained, with one intelligent answer after another, saying that he cant really pass judgement cause he wasnt there.

    So here you have Piers Morgan, a supposedly intelligent Anchorman, and he is interviewing MIKE TYSON, the infamous loose cannon, and Tyson is the one who shows restraint, and has a respectable perspective over the whole situation.

    Unreal, Tyson just made that Limey look like an idiot. :D

    This is not the first time i have been surprised by Tyson, when i saw the documentary about him i was actually amazed out how well spoken he is and how big his vocabulary is. There is a bunch of times where he busts out a huge word, and you would never expect it from the portrayal of him that the media has presented, and what you know about his life in general, and how savage he was in the ring and in pre fight conferences. You expect to see a slobbering punch drunk boxer, and he is actually a very deep guy.

    He used to come across as a guy who was just a street thug, who is completely illiterate, in his days of boxing and he has always been portrayed like that because of the multiple breakdowns he has had on t.v., but the guy is actually pretty deep, and WAY smarter then most people would guess he is. No one would ever guess how smart Tyson is, if they just knew him from boxing, with the tatoo on his face, and the lisp, when he sits down for a serious interview he blows me away cause of the preconcieved notions about him.
  2. tyson picked up wisdom from real life. His rape trial, among other events in his life. I'm sure his "trial" in the media was no picnic for him.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Its too bad that happened, he would have been the best boxer ever without a doubt.... he would have whipped Muhammad Ali's ass, if they fought while they were both in their prime.

    When you listen to him do these extended interviews, he seems like he is actually a very gentle guy.... very different from the monster on the HBO interviews, or in the boxing ring....

    Of course this is pure speculation on my part..... i wouldnt want to test that theory.... but id be more than willing to let YOU prove it for me..... :D

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  5. I think you need to step back and look at the big picture.

    Mike Tyson versus crazed, liberal moonbats. Of course Tyson is the voice of reason :p
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    A shocker but true! :)