The Ultimate diet!!!!

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  1. Ok...we've had the atkins thread...we've had the workout threads....we've argued about high protein vs high carb low fat diets......I have found the answer!!!

    Background: Im in good shape but with every 5 year cycle ( age 30, 35, 40) it has become increasingly harder to just stay slim without working on it...I would go in cycles where i would work out like a maniac, get a nice cut and then revert back and hit the wall....My weight fluctuated from 228 to 245 ar the most...

    I found the easiest way in the world to keep off the weight and im now at the same weight (220) as i was when i got married 16 years's what i did: ( i know im gonna get flamed for this but here goes)

    1) Still work out min. of three times a week ( run a couple miles and then hit some weights)

    2) i go out to eat min 4 times per week, sometimes more....I decided to try three things: 1) NO MORE SIDES OF FRENCH FRIES..i started ordering steamed broccoli or even cold slaw. 2) Lots of Fish...but only baked or grilled more battered deep fried stuff 3) Walk away with food still on your plate....Just because they give you huge portions doesn't mean you have to eat it fact, even though my mind said i was still hungry, i would eat 1/2 a chicken sandwich and just wait a few minutes and BAM...wasn't hungry anymore

    3) once or twice a week i take a long morning walk for about 2-3 miles....relaxing, quiet and for some reason is quite the workout..

    the best part has been that i have been maintaining the weight even though i have skipped workouts and have been travelling....

    There is one final step to take that i firmly believe will bring me down to my High School playing weight of 210lbs........BEER !...or rather, cutting back drastically on it!

    So there you have more fried foods, long walk once or twice a week and step away from your plate and leave some on can;t all be this simple can it??? Its not even hard to do but its had a huge effect...
  2. Sounds good to me.
  3. "The ulimate WHAT?"
    TM, what you don't eat is important.. but what DO you eat?

    how tall are you and what is your current weight?
  4. 6"3 220lbs
  5. your a big boy..

    your BMI is big too .. 27.5 !

    considered overweight, hate be bearer of bad news..

    you got about ~50lbs to lose on your "ultimate whatever"

  6. Overwieght? Not even remotely close...I lift weights and my arms and neck and legs are bigger then ever. I even have a nice six pack of abs now too...
  7. will you post a pic

    of your six pack
  8. LOL...thats queer dude...but trust me. Im a hoops player that has put on a lot of muscle the last few years.
  9. what does hops have to do with ultimate diet?
  10. Ballard


    Try doing super 8 workouts only three times per week, and nothing else really needed as long as generally active. Takes 15 mins per workout.

    Consists of running 8- 30 second all out sprints after a 5 min jog to warm up. Sounds easy, but brutal after about 5 or so. rest only one min between each.

    Don't know why it works, just does. Got it from a Men's Journal mag.

    I do add in a few pushups and pullups, but nothing more. keeps me really lean, and I am well over 40.
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