The ultimate buy list

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  1. Stocks & ETfs immune to recession

    There are the strongest large cap stocks & ETFs you can buy in terms of technicals and fundamentals. These stocks aren't heavily dependent on US consumer and are on the forefront of the globalist economic boom. Even in this mild recession the economies of Honk Kong, China, India, brazil, Russia continue to expand. Tech & energy spending has only slowed a little.






    You cannot fail IF you hold these for a year
  2. But you already held them for a year and you failed miserably.
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    LMAO :)
  4. How can you claim RIMM and AAPL don't depend on the US consumer?!
  5. only a little. A large portion of sales are overseas
  6. Maybe so, but the bulk of sales are to US consumers...
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    AAPL and RIMM are great because they are among the few companies who work hard to grow profits when everybody else says it cant be done. So while other 100million dollar CEOs head for the vacation hills to wait for better economic times, these few companies hunker down and get the job done. So might as well dump all the rest and go with demonstrated winners. You will see on earnings day, but the rest of us will have already left you behind if you dont get on the stock train soon. Its already pulling out of the station headed to where the rich people go...:D
  8. I only glanced at the list but I think they all look like great shorts right now, although my time horizon is much shorter than 1 year.
  9. T@@ much consumer exposure, add cyclicals
  10. cyclicals tend to underperform in bull markes, especially when new bull markets are beggining
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