The ultimate algorithmic trading platform written in Java , any info?

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  1. Hi,

    I found this open source trading software called:

    The ultimate algorithmic trading platform written in Java

    Has any used it?
  2. It seems nobody :)
  3. Hogwash in words. Nothing to show except some blabla. You mean like that? Far from ultimate.
  4. Hi,

    I have found this post:



    Re: Open Source
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    Thank you for answer.

    It does not answer what I was asking. The project is claimed to be "open-source". From what I see there is part of code which is denied to be open. This qualifies as not open-source one.

    I am interested in this project since it checks most of the boxes in my wish list.

    Unfortunately, it did not pass initial due diligence: I have no idea what is going on in undisclosed part and intermittent replies to questions.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    This is last posting from me here. Thank you

  5. i did read that as every other post on that forum
    my only concern in all this spectrum of platforms is security of my strategy
    I am looking forward what hantrader platform will become
    As i learn Java programing right now i am not able to fully evaluate the platform.When time comes i will consult experts,but the strategy code i need to write myself.
    Again thank you for your post about new platform in the making, this is fantastic news
  6. Yes, I agree. Apparently, it's been written/being written single-handedly. So results may take some time. But it seems to or will support CEP, which I'm very interested in.