The Ultimate 2000i Setup

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by vanilla2, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. After this morning's expensive little 20 minute CME outage on Tradestation 7.1, I can no longer spend $200+ a month for this product in good conscience.

    EL is awesome. Feeding historical data with one click is awesome, but realtime outages are expensive and cost me twice what I already spend for the platform.

    Here's my question, can anyone offer suggestions on what realtime/historical feeds will work with Tradestation 2000i to give it the same functionality as 7.1 as seamlessly and cheaply as possible.

    For instance, can I feed 2000i from IB realtime?

    Does globalserver have the ability to cache realtime data into a historical database?

    Who is the cheapest historical data provider out there that will give me what I basically have in 7.1 right now quickly and reliably?
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    See this thread . I could not get hyperserver lite to work with IB and Tradestation. I am using IB with Sierrachart, $42 for six months. It is very reliable but you have to startup IB manually. I have found a program to do this but cannot get that to twotk either! Sierrachart is meant to log on to IB automatically, maybe it will work in another release.
  3. ja....

    TS2000i w/E-signal is now very solid...

    Add PushPop... and Auto-Execution Patch... maybe RINA systems and it's quite a system trader setup.
  4. You can use TS7 but with a backup data flow:

    Else, I've had good luck with TS2000 and esignal and the esignal downloader for Global Server.


    PS Isn't TS7 $100/month if you have an account there?
  5. maxpi


    If you don't use Radarscreen then get OnDemandServer for Esignal from Traders-soft, it bypasses Global Server.
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    Yes, I agree with newesttrader1. I have the free ActiveX plug-in installed on my TS2000i Global Server. I can get historical data and ability to backfill missing intra-day data (should I lose connection or need to stop GS for whatever reason). For that purpose, it’s as good as TS7.1.

  7. maxpi


    Can you backfill missing data during the market and also get the realtime data at the same time?
  8. Kermit



    Yes, you can, and this includes pre-market (e-mini) prices too. From GS, request a download of just today’s data.

  9. maxpi


    That is way, way what I wanted for awhile. 2 cool for sure. Thanks.
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