The U.S. should setup some puppet government somewhere to flight terrorism

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  1. I might goto hell for saying this but Islamic Extremists are really starting to piss me off. I saw the U.S. should prop up a puppet government somewhere in the middle east. And a Hitler-like figure could keep The Religion of Peace in check.

    Iran wants to build a nuclear bomb? This country could then teach Iran a lesson and blow the shit out of Tehran. World outrage, yes? But this country could be powerful enough to tell the rest of the world to shove it.

    I guess Israel is the closes to my dream, but I mean the leader would have to be someone with real balls. Someone so bad that will play by the terrorists games. Instead of people fearing terrorism. the terrorists would be scared shitless by the country.

    The U.S. should have never invaded Iraq. It simply should have given Iraq and Saddam the resources needed to wipe Iran off the map.
  2. "Instead of people fearing terrorism. the terrorists would be scared shitless by the country."

    I think the ME is afraid of Bush. New PM in Britian and ka boom. We are in for a tough road come fall '08. Iran is a rattle, they embrace some western values and imo are feared in the ME also.
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    To a great extent I agree with you ... it doesn't make sense that the US directly went to war with that cheap pathetic iraq ... and any other weak country it ever goes to war with ... it makes you think maybe US is the puppet ... Iran, such a fucked up country, has created a puppet gov for it's self in Lebanon ... the hizbollah ... funds them and supplies them with all types of weapons and missiles ... and no one has ever been able to stop hizbollah ... why shouldn't the US? ... US can create temporary states that exist one or two days only to serve the will of our country ... and fuck the shit out of any country who just dares to open their mouth for a sec and say anything against us ... literally ... like nuke the shit out of them ... drop random bombs and nuclear bombs on their people ... who gives a fuck about their lives ... and what is UN going to do about it ... there really is no UN, it's just a name ... and even if it's real .. fuck them what are they going to do to a temp state ...

    We live in the 21st century and yet we seem so fucking powerless ... we should have enslaved their Gods by now ... let alone their fucking pathetic souls ... if we do not enslave them ... and use their women and children as our sex slaves, they will ... (it is in their quran that any women or girl that a man brings back from war he can fuck forever, even if she is married) ... we are happy buyers and consumers of outdated military equipment (computers, autos, planes & ... ) tweaked to our taste ... with all the military technology we have ... we are still working ... where are the slaves ... real men have died ...everyone is a fucking pussy now ... "we are all equal"' ... I can't and never will consider myself equal to such a pathetic, cheap, filthy, low-life entity called an iranian ... why the fuck ... when we can easily make them our slaves ... they are used to it after all ... they have been slaves for allah for years ... with all the oil they sell ... their people get nothing ... and yet all those cheap worthless iranians have to serve their country for 2 years without any pay ...

    This life is so fucking boring ... there is no speed to it ... it takes forever for something to happen ... we Americans are moving so slow ... I'm fucking bored ... will someone move this planet ... fuck God nothing is happening ... the death toll in iraq is so low that it doesn't even wake their dead brains ... we need at least 2,000 iraqi lives fucked each day ... specially the shit shita ...
  4. and then 20 years later we can start another war to remove the evil dictator running this puppet government....
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    Nice one ...

    actually I forgot to say we could call both of them (both sides) "axis of evil" ... and let them fight ... our side fuck the iranians and their like ... and just say "what do you expect from evils?"
  6. Been there, done that. It will never work. Does nobody remember the Iran-Contra scandal? The USA tried this with Iraq/Iran in the 1980s, claiming to support Saddumb while giving weapons and intelligence to Iran. How well did that end up? Two decades later another generation is being forced to clean up the mess.

    Maybe the USA should just stop interfering in other countries and just trade with the unfortunate people that happen to have been born above "our oil".
  7. As bad as Iran seems, there's many who'd argue that the Shia' are less deadly than Sunni's of the Wahhabi sect (such as Bin Laden).

    It wasn't Shia' terrorists behind Lockerbie, 9/11 ect. rather it was the seemingly more Westernized Sunni's.

    Perhaps deciphering who's "better" in the region is like choosing between the Bloods and Crips but we'd best KNOW which Islamo-fascists pose the greatest danger moving forward.
  8. i almost started to think you had a slither of a clue and then you go and use the I word. do you even know who started that idiotic tag? none other than fattie mc Hagee down in texas. i am embarrassed for you, quoting such an imbecilic twat.
  9. Ignoring the proliferation of Islamic based terror is as "imbecilic" as lefties failing to acknowledge Black crime rates in the U.S.

    Things are what they are.

    Do I think that means the West should embark on a crusade against Islam? Certainly not. However I see little that makes me think options should be left off the table either.

    You know Rat, it's not just neo-cons who think global Islamic violence is problematic. Yes as an isolationist I belive it's less of an American problem than does D.C. but that doesn't absolve Muslim's from the immense social responsibility of achieving peaceful coexistence with non-believers.
  10. You know that the radicalization of Muslims is a nasty side effect of American meddling in the middle east and its blind support of Israel - Blowback. Go watch Red Dawn again. I suspect you are a Patrick Swayze fan. The Wolverines were considered terrorists by the Cuban/Russian force in America. Cause and effect.
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