The U.S. financial system is a scam designed to rob uninformed customers

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  1. If you read the whole thing, you see that our financial system destroys honest regulators, who fulfill their duty to the nameless, "broad, middle class" of investors.

    If no one is abusing this nameless class of investors, a fortune can be made by hopping in the saddle yourself, and abusing, specifically, those areas where trust is required.
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    Rolling Stone's accuracy - especially as it pertains to military matters, has been stunningly biased and incomplete as far as storylines goes. Having said that, it is clear that the SEC is incompetent and dependent upon political sway - Madoff illustrated that perfectly.
  3. That may be true, but what has become most important in recent years is a voice that is not "captured" like the majority of mainstream media (especially in light of all of the conglomerate takeovers in media over the past twenty years).