The Two Words That Will Doom McCain

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ByLoSellHi, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. 'Gas prices.'

    If gas prices don't come down (meaning crude oil), McCain will lose an important part of his constituency.

    They may not come out for Obama, but they will choose to sit this one out.

    And that will destroy McCain.

    Watch Bush, GOP senators, and anyone with a vested interest in a McCain victory bust a move like never seen before to cut oil down at the knees.

  2. I predict a repeat of 2006:

    This summer, oil will find a top and stocks will find a bottom, followed by a combination equities rally/oil plunge starting in early fall.
  3. If that pattern runs, I'll stand to benefit with respect to how I've been and will continue to position myself.

    The one question I keep asking myself is whether G8 nations won't do anything it takes to break crude oil. I can't see how they won't go to any lengths to break it, no matter what measures are required.

    Crude oil is the most likely the largest contributing factor to rampant inflation, broken down consumers, and even a big factor in government deficits.

    When there is singular issue, readily identifiable, that is causing so much angst, such as crude oil inflation, the leash is short.

    The only people denying this reality are those who truly believe that a) there is a supply-demand imbalance, AND b) supply can't be increased.

    I don't believe a) or b).
  4. I don't think so. He is now calling for drilling off the coasts, while Obama is not. It does not matter if this will not lower prices cause the public thinks it will. Just as they think Mac supports war in Iraq for 100 years. Doesn't matter if its not true. Its all perception.
  5. More than 30 years ago we had the energy shock of the 70's.

    This shock was not due to peak oil, or China, or India, or speculators.

    It had to do with our dependency on crude oil.

    Many at that time talked about alternative energy.

    Some suggested a gas tax in which the proceeds would go toward development of alternative energy.

    So now we have another crisis of essentially our own making and government's poor planning.

    Say they allow offshore drilling, and say in 5 years we have prices decline?

    How does that really help us now? How does that help us going forward?

    Why is it that we pulled together as a country in the 60's during the space race, and put a man on the moon...yet 40 years later we haven't seen much increase in fuel efficiency or alternative fuels?

    Why isn't energy independence the most important priority?

    Why does it have to come from crude oil?

    We have made strides in treating cancer and other diseases, but still have to fuel our cars on crude oil?

    None of it make sense...until you begin to follow the money trail.

    Speaking of the war in Iraq, I say bring all the soldiers home from the middle east.

    Spend the money saved on strengthening our borders, our own country, education...hell, even let them build more smart bombs, etc.

    We can monitor what happens over there, we can certainly bomb the shit out them if we want...and no one seriously believes Israel can't fend for themselves.

    Isn't it about time that we put America and American's first?

  6. You may be right, I am not in the prediction business...

    However, I will make one prediction:

    If you are right, we will all hear from you how right you were...and if you are wrong we won't see a retraction on page 13 next to the Obit section.