The two Paulson's

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    If you haven't figured it out by now, America has hired the wrong Paulson. There are two of them, Hank and John. Hank turned Goldman Sachs from an investment bank into a busload of tourists going to a casino, with borrowed money.

    Goldman might have been the smartest investment bank but you only needed to see Dick Fuld testify before a congressional committee to know how much that means. No pun intended, but Dick didn't know dick.

    Astute observers will note that every time they run across a party of midgets, one is tallest, and his name is usually Goldman. Suffice it to say that while Hank's shop was creating subprime mortgage-backed bonds, John's was shorting them. Hank wound up working for the government, John wound up making $3.7 billion. For himself.
  2. You know the funny thing...

    Paulson is in the process of turning the US govt into a giant hedge fund investment bank, borrowing money to double down on a failed financial system.

    Hire an i-banker to do the job and in the end there is no real creativity. You get what you pay for... a bumbling idiot without an ounce of consistency.