The Twelve Steps on ET

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  1. We admitted we were powerless over our ET posting addiction - that our lives had become unmanageable.
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    Yes Sir

    But where else could you go and get so many diverse opinions ranging form the very knowledgeable and insightful - to the completely clueless, and totally ignorant

    Been a blessing to me – I’ve met some very wonderful, and brutally honest folks:)

    Take Care
  3. Redneck, I am not writing for ET posters like yourself who use ET medicinally, or who are social ETer's, or who know when to quit posting on ET. But rather to those like myself, and you know who you are, though you may not be able to admit it, for whom one post is never enough. Those who if their preferred topic is not available, will post on any topic they can find. Who post and post and post until they can post no more and wake up the next day wondering what they posted. For those of you with the courage to admit that you are like me, I will guide you through the Kicking the ET Habit Workbook.
  4. Hypo, this is your family. It would be dysfunctional for you to ignore it.
  5. Well then ARGT, follow with me as part of my codependent family as we kick the ET habit. And keep foremost in mind that we must not substitute one addiction for another. All the lesser addiictions than ET will sing their Siren song: drugs, alcohol, pornography, smoking, gluttony, promiscuity. We must be strong and resist their wicked entreaties!
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    Got it Sir

    Redneck out
  7. So let us begin by asking ourselves the tough questions. Were I to walk into your house, what songs might I hear playing on your stereo? "Wasting Away in MargarETville?" "One Scotch, One Whiskey, and One ET?" "When I Post, I Post Alone?" Fellow sufferers are encouraged to contribute their own sad examples.
  8. How do you know you have an ET posting addiction? Do you even remember what thread you were in at midnight last night? Did your loved ones find you slumped over the keyboard in a posting stupor? Do your little ones beg, "Daddy, please don't post on ET tonight?"
  9. If so we could charter the world's first chapter of ET Anonymous.

    Step 2: We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

    That power is Bitch Market. Who makes Kali look motherly. What if Mother Mary had said to our Savior on the Cross, "I told you to behave yourself!" Or if La Madeleine had said to Him, " I guess we're not having any more dinner parties!" Or if Salome (she of Jean le Batiste fame) had made the trip to Golgatha and said, "Damn, I had hoped to make you lose your head over me!"

    Bitch market is the ultimate dominatrix: "Obey Me, submit to Me, empty your mind of all independent thought, endure the pain I inflict, and I will get you off beyond your wildest imaginings!"
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    Seriously though, alot of people are seriously addicted to the internet. People would do well to avoid spending to much time on the internet. How many of us have spent 5 hours straight on the web just wasting time? Practically everyone.
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