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  1. Best Shows on Television IMO (currently running):

    Dexter (Showtime)

    The Tudors (Showtime)

    Ninja Warrior (GSN) - don't laugh, it's very entertaining!

    Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (BBCA) - terrific stuff way better than the Americanized crap that is Hell's Kitchen.
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    IMO the best shows are
    The Office
    America's Best Dance Crew
    America's Next Top Model
    Degrassi: The Next Generation
  3. Ah, I did forget about The Office. That is a terrific show, no doubt about it.
  4. You're serious?

    You actually watch America's Next Top Model?

    "TV is for women and losers."

    Only thing that is worth watching on TV is sports - but even watching too much of that is not good
  5. The Big Bang Theory and Craig Fergeson show. Only two shows that make me laugh out loud.
  6. Masterpiece Theater

    no joke
  7. Boston Legal

    Family Guy

    Cane (cancelled unfortunately)

    Daily Show

    And all the History channel stuff...wish they had this when I was younger, would've saved a heck of a lot of reading time, LOL.

  8. History & Discovery Channels, Intl & local news, Seinfeld and Family Guy.
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    I've recently joined a couple of private bittorrent sites and have been dl'ing a bunch of U.S. and British tv shows. Presently some good ones I'm enjoying are:

    Cracker (BBC)
    Grey's Anatomy
    The West Wing

    State of Play (BBC)

    I have a few invites to the BBC private site if anybody wants one. Those Brits make some great tv shows.

  10. I don't watch much TV other than Bloomberg and Sports but I've found Ninja Warrior to be quite entertaining.
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