The turtles. Are they real?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by michael c, Aug 29, 2005.

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  2. some of them even run hedge funds, including eckhardt
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    Well Eckhardt wasn't a turtle. He's an old friend of RD's. Bill has been worth millions from back in the mid seventies. My guess is that he's run money for twenty years now.
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  4. Have you read New Market Wizards?

    There are about four interviews in there with the turtles, they
    dont say much when probed about the system but those
    interviews are on the record.

    If you are interested in the turtles here is are some interesting

    I remember seeing a scaned version of the original advert on the
    internet a few months ago, cant remember which site it
    was though.
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  5. I think he only started managing othere peoples money
    since around 1991, which was one of the reasons why he
    appeared in New Market Wizards.
    I think his interview ranks as one of the best pieces on trading
    i have ever read..
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    Echardt is one of the best money managers out there. He also trades like the turtles (aka trend trader). Here is his record for his regular, leveraged fund, and monetary fund:

    Top returns through trend trading. Not all trend traders are alike as Michael Corvel (who more or less doesnt know wtf he is talking about) would like you to think. Each have their own styles. Some are trend followers on short timeframe, some on intermediate timeframe and some on long term timeframe. The current ones have methods of filters chops from trends which is what sets them apart from the pack.
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  7. the clams rock.
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    Curtis lurks on ET. There are two primary websites associated with the Turtles, one was set up by an ex-turtle who was kicked out of the program for not following the rules and the other was set up (years later) by Curtis to put the record straight.

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    He had a good demographic by using the WSJ for the ad. I doubt he would have had the same results if he placed the ad in the National Enquirer or People.
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  10. Great information, M. Thank You! The turtle system taught on turtletrader seems to be nothing but buy new highs, hold through drawdowns and hope. That is what it seems John Henry and Ed Sexkota do, and they seem to be the patron saints of turtle trading. I mean, it obviously works, if you can hold and spread yourself across enough uncorrelated markets. Unfortunately, the average non millonaire trader would be destroyed trading like this. turtletrading does not seem to address this fact.

    Mike C
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