The turtles. Are they real?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by michael c, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. JackR


    Keep searching. There is a great deal on the web. It is not a two minute job. I'd post some links but Magna would ban me. Besides I don't want to influence your final answer by spoon feeding you just one side of the story!

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  2. mhashe



    Well if you think it's not true. No one can force you to believe. Thanks for the laugh. I suspect your next post will be "does trend following really make $".
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  3. Babak


    What kind of 'hard' evidence do you need? Do you require one of them to come and kick your ass to prove they're real? :D

    Covel is trying to milk the turtle concept for all its worth. And he is NOT an original or subsequent 'turtle' (those taught by the original ones). In protest, one of the original turtles put up a FREE website which made public exactly the concept from top to bottom. If you search in the archives here you'll find the link.
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  4. I heard he will be naming the next batch, "The Salamanders".
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  5. the clams are real.
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  6. Ebo


    They are real, and they are spectacular!
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  7. Pabst


    It was a small ad. Not a full pager. LOL. I think it was in 1983. I remember it well. I know some guy's who responded. They received a questionnaire. The only question I remember was: "you're in a taxi going to the CBOT and the driver remarks "beans are really bullish", should you sell beans?

    I remember the answer was something to the effect of, the cabbie shouldn't effect your gameplan because we don't know whether he's a good or bad soybean forecaster.
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  8. Check out Curtis Faith's site. He was one of the originals and frequents the Elite Trader boards.

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  9. mahras2


    The OP seems to be obviously setting a situation to bash the turtles. I doubt they care....they are probably too busy relaxing in their estates.
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  10. LMeyers


    Yes, I think so too.

    In fact, this thread is beginning to sound like "Some more journalistic pretensions by MarketSurfer".:D :D :D
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