The turtles. Are they real?

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  1. I have been lurking and reading this site for a long long time. Finally I have a question... I can not find any proof that the original turtles ever even existed. Outside of an offhand comment made by RIchard Dennis in Market Wizards, I can find nothing else about their origin. there is no substaniating evidence about the bet with eckard or anything at all. Is the turtle story nothing but marketing hype??

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    they're real
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    I have three of the originals living in a terrarium here at my house. Sometimes when the market is choppy I tap on the glass and see if they have any insight.
  4. If you advertise on the WSJ, and select a small subsection from a huge number of applicants, of course you can teach them how to trade.

    But, can you teach someone how to trade who don't really want to be a trader?
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    They were real. Do a Google for Turtle-Trading and include "Curtis Faith" , "Russel Sands", and "Michael Covel". Not wanting to get into here but you will find lots of name calling and accusations as well as backup to the existence of the Turtles.

  6. Thanks! I have already checked out all those site. i still cant find any hard documentation of their existence. it seems to be all inuendo and hearsay. anyone?

    Did Dennis really run the turtle ad in WSJ? My search of the archives did not reveal such an ad. Can anyone show me the ad?
  7. Its too late man. I am not sure if he is still taking applicants.

    That was a dumb bet anyway.
  8. what i have found is there is a guy named michael covel who is accused of ripping off the "real" turtles. Basically taking the name turtle from the original turtles . It seems to me that even the original turtles is nothing but a story and marketing tactic.

    can anyond shed some light on this. did michael covel rip off the originals or was he trained by the Rchard Denis?

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    Personally, I think the turtles are way overrated.

    I disagree that they were taught how to trade anything.

    Instead, they were given a pre-existing technical system, that happened to be very robust in that particular time period.

    And the "teaching" consisted of them learning how to trade this system, trading only the system, and how not to shoot themselves in foot while doing so.

  10. Yes, really stupid. I can not find any evidence that there was even a real ad ran in the WSJ. Where is the proof?

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