The Tuesday Fade

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blast19, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. blast19


    Who's fading today?

    Housing numbers were nothing great and permits aren't exactly encouraging but futures are up slightly.

    Another day, another fade?
  2. um..or maybe not
  3. I think it's risky ahead of bubble-blowing Ben's speech.

    He could avoid housing and mortgage woes, though, and focus on PCE.

    That would scare people.
  4. S2007S


    why do I have this feeling that the market is going to do one of those huge 150+ point gains tomorrow....
  5. When you capitulate, it's time to sell. :D
  6. I have the same feeling.. I seem to remember ,for many of the Fed meetings since last summer, that the market had a huge rally after the decision was announced. So why not just get long today ahead of it?
  7. I imagine those short swing/position traders who jumped in when the S&P was around 1380 are just a bit uneasy right now...

  8. S2007S


    the decision is easy...

    there will no cut and no raise.

    rates stay at 5.25%
  9. You have to take a guess at whether Bernanke will really talk up the markets.

    He did last time. Maybe it's fair to assume a probability he'll do it again.

    If he remains market neutral in his comments, what effect will that have?

    A lot of circumstances have changed since his last speech.
  10. blast19


    I think the comments are more worrisome than anything. Plus, with expectations that Q1 numbers are going to signal a slowdown, the market will react irrationally to whatever happens.
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