The TudorJones official hedge fund fan club thread

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  1. We have the resident ET'er TudorJones who claims to run a hedge fund and possess an Ivy League degree. He says that Timmay (aka Snake-Oil Sykes) has been his inspiration for success.

    He has so graciously agreed to answer your questions about him and his fund on this thread.

    Please share your thoughts and questions.
  2. In addition to my Ivy League undergraduate degree, I have 3 master's degrees as well. I am a fan of Mr. Timmy Sykes because he send me his book, as well as this DVD course for free for me to review. As far as I'm concerned, Mr. Timmy Sykes is an outstanding and upstanding citizen of our money management community. Plus, he delighted me with bringing some sexy chicks on CNBC.. Tim is definitely my kind of a guy.
  3. First question:

    When speaking to your investors and potential clients, what exactly did you call your fund's AUM before you knew what the term AUM stood for?

    Thanks again for this opportunity.
  4. I have an ego that is a mile in length. Thus, I tend to boast about my performance, and how great my girl friends are etc etc.

    Once again, I made another boastful thread about how great me and my trading acumen is with the title: Check Out my ASTRONOMICAL performance ??

    On second thought, I had to edit the thread into something else. Thus, I just take those edit thread to test the acumen of my competition. Did you know, out of our 100,000 esteemed members, only 2 people actually knew it (3 if you count me).
  5. I am sorry, I don't think that really addressed my question.

    Thanks anyway for the tirade, but would you please answer the question? Thanks again for your time.

    To reiterate, in case you were confused:

    EDIT: I see you changed your original post, but just the same it did not answer my original question. Thanks. :)
  6. What exactly is AUM ?? (is that your original question ??)
  7. No, that wasn't my question.

    I noticed this thread from you:

    And was curious as to when you spoke with investors/potential clients for your fund...what did you refer to your AUM as before you knew what AUM stood for?

    Just odd that you wouldn't know what AUM stood for even though you were running a fund, and I was just curious as to what you referred to AUM as since you didn't know what the term stood for.

    Thanks. :)
  8. Are you actually trying to hold an intelligent conversation with some idiot who works at a restaurant and pretends to be a hedge fund manager? :confused:
  9. Why what ever do you mean by that, Mandelbrot?? :confused:

    This guy is the REAL DEAL and we should be thankful he has agreed to rain his wisdom upon us like manna from heaven.

  10. I always called it "Assets Under Management", but I guess I wasn't the one who invented shorting it to just AUM. But, I like it since it is much shorter and convenient to use.
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