The Truth Will Have Its Day

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    ..."President Obama claims to know nothing about the IRS targeting, of not only of conservative political and Tea Party groups, but also of religious organizations. Even the venerable Billy Graham's organization was targeted"...

    ..."But, be that as it may, whether the president knew or not, using the IRS to settle political scores and repressing American citizens in order to win an election sets a dangerous precedent that smacks of the midnight knock on the door and secret police. And, if these outrageous excesses are not curbed, every tax paying citizen who doesn't agree with the president's policies will be subject to harassment.

    Freedom is given up in increments, it doesn't all go away at the same time, and the moves are sometimes subtle and when you have a sell-out media selectively reporting the news they slip by in the thick folds of a congressional bill and it becomes the law of the land and an unsuspecting public is confronted with the ramifications"...

    ..."The truth is a powerful thing and, when it's being ignored, it has a way of getting even"...
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    I'm sure Obama was careful not to leave a paper trail to the White House. But, the political targeting permeates just about every agency that could be used to adversely affect conservatives and blunt the 2012 campaign from the right.

    Chicago politics from Obama and his Chicago gang have no place in America.
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    Commanding officers don't get to vote "present". Neither should the prez (CIC). He may not of known (I personally believe he did), but he sure created the atmosphere for his sycophants to operate in to his advantage.

    Claiming ignorance is NOT an option for the prez. If it is, he himself should step down. This is espectially true regarding Benghazi.
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    Targeted Billy Graham's organization?:eek: :mad: :mad:

    It's pure fantasy on my end, but wouldn't it be amazing to see the 51% who do pay federal taxes to STOP paying them in protest over what the IRS Gestapo has done? I promise that would get some attention!
  5. Lucrum


    YES it would. And this is exactly the kind of protest that should be getting organized.
  6. piezoe


    Since lying on these applications is rampant, see the Propublica investigation, the IRS may have had second thoughts about some of the approvals it had granted, and decided to start cracking down, starting with the most recent applications.

    From what I've learned from the Propublica investigation, 100% of the applications from the organizations now claiming to have been "targeted," should be turned down as non-qualifying for 501c(4) status. They are all, 100% of them!, blatantly, and primarily, political organizations. This disqualifies them under published IRS guidelines. The obvious reason the IRS was asking questions was because these organizations lied on their applications about the extent of their political activities and about the extent of their social welfare activities.

    Note that someone in each organization signed each application attesting that it was truthful. There are penalties under the law for intentionally lying on IRS applications! Once the IRS was on to them, these organizations may have begun lawyering up, recognizing that they could be in some serious trouble. We are now seeing a counteroffensive carried out in the public eye, intended to mislead the public and turn public sentiment in favor of the wayward, and lying, applicants for 501c(4) status. It's a brilliant tactic, considering how reviled the IRS is.

    We also know, again from the Propublica investigation, that the IRS broke its own rules by releasing applications (just a few) before they had been approved. Their policy is that applications are not in the public domain until after approval.

    In addition to the counteroffensive being waged in the public eye, these same, claiming-to-be-agrieved organizations have banned together to sue the IRS! But here they are on shaky ground, because if they do get into court they are in grave danger of the truth coming out. And then it is even conceivable that a few of the operatives that signed those applications could see jail time. It is my guess, therefore, that this business won't see the inside of a courtroom.

    Recall that after Nixon resigned we learned that his administration had abused its authority with the IRS and used that agency to harass its political enemies. We don't know about any recent instances, however.
  7. pspr


    You're right, of course. But, the voters seem to have become desensitized to scandal in our government.

    Clinton should have never survived the Lewinski scandal and lying to the American people about it. Obama should be suffering much more distain from all of the intolerable scandals coming out of his administration.

    People seem to have come to accept moral and ethical turpitude in their leaders where much higher standards have been expected from them throughout our history.
  8. Every day signing that contract with PR govt 20 yr tax holiday for new residents gets more intriguing because it's REAL AND LEGAL.
    I wonder what end run the US govt is going to try, whatever it is will be pretty drastic.

    even more capital and people controls are heading our way
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    And sadly, I think the only way out of it is armed revolt.:(
  10. Not required at all, NULLIFICATION and the States exerting their rights under the Constitution could bring it ALL to a screeching halt.
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