The truth, I'll prove it

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  1. I am 25 years old now and have been studying and trading stocks, futures and options since I was 18.

    Not one person out of the 20 thousand or so members of elite trader could post genuine monthly account statements for the last year that show they are making a good living or even reasonable money trading.

    Prove me wrong!

    I sell covered deep out of the money options with 2-3 month left to expire for very small % gain. I belive that is all you can hope for in the markets.

    let me no your thoughts or prove me wrong.:)
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    Well, you obviously don't know Eric in Oregon.
  3. What a surprise, A smart comment.

    You are just proving me wright.
  4. why
  5. Why what?
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    Why do you care what other people are doing or are making? If you're satisfied with your results, that's all that matters. Do you personally check every guy who claims to have an over-sized schwang?
  7. Making the point that not one person on this forum can say " I am a consistently profitable trader, I make a living trading here are my results"

    Because they don't exist. It is just full of people on the journey.

    Just trying to cut the learning curve.:)
  8. I think it is important.

    If you where looking to start a business. You would look first to see if anybody else is profitable.

    If you have no evidence that anyone is making good money doing something you don't do it.

    Am I wrong?
  9. trader, there is no incentive to "prove" it especially on a public message board. Unless the individual has a motive of self gain, why disclose your results? I can understand successful traders giving their results to venture capitalists wanting to start a hedge fund, but to just display your results coming from a challenge on the message board is ridiculous. Anyone that would reply to you has a big ego. Furthermore, the traders that have a big ego and are consistently profitable are rare.

    If you want someone who fits the bill, look up Mr. Market in the search tool of ET. Whether or not you believe him is up to you.
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    I, and many others, make a good income from trading. But that is between me and the IRS. Your request for an income statement from anyone, trader or otherwise, is immature and stupid.
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