The Truth Hurts

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  1. I use to laugh at the link below. A good friend in Asia introduced me to the site a few years back. I use to shake my head at the anti-wallstreet rehtoric. However, they have been spot on. Such as those that state " A MAJOR US BANK WOULD GO UNDER". Well, we had Bear, but no big deal. We have had other small banks closed. We have FRE/FNM. Now, LEH, MER and WAMU are on the radar.

    All the while The US FED and GOV said, "NOT TO WORRY". Don't Worry be happy. Of course, they knew what is coming and what was coming. As if I am supposed to fall for the idea that PAULSON, FED, GOV, had no idea about FNM/FRE, BEAR?

    We have one of the worst storms in the Financial Sector and Gold, Silver sell off? Dollar Rallies? Target 82/3? All of a sudden, the place to be is in US BONDS?

    As a Capitalist, I no longer trust "WALLSTREET", nor the press they bought, nor the politican's that they groom. We have lost our fucking minds to have faith in anything those idiots tell us.

    Maybe the boys in the link below, actually have a "Perspective" that makes sense, even if on the surface it hurts your patriotic nerve.
  2. "hear hear".....Paulson and his band of brothers have gone mad.

    With all the backroom and weekend shinanigins taking place at the Treasury and the Fed each week you can't make an rational investments as it currently stands.

    Best to stand aside as "cash is king" just ask any of the Wall Street bank CEOs'.
  3. Yea
    I dont trust the government
    every Fri night i am scared as to my portofolio ( i am holding LEH MER Option ) to see what bank is going under and how deep
  4. Once the wool comes off of the eyes you see a lot more than you ever expected existed. It's a continual active process.

    Once you are told that Santa Claus doesn't exist, and you think about it long enough for it to sink in, there is no turning back.
  5. Seems like the US economy is slipping more and more into some variation of a "planned economy by bandaids"... spinning out of control.
    A consensus of reason seems to be forming about the unsustainable current regime.
  6. Forget stock investing. It's extremely risky. I just buy zero coupon treasury bonds with the longest maturities. I bought some 4 months ago, and they are already up 10%. I can probably make at least 20% per year buying the longest maturities and holding them for a year or two, selling them, and then buying again the longest maturity bond.
  7. man true !