The Truth comes out in AZ

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    Well, Well, the truth comes out about the scum sucking Parasites who hijack education and brain wash kids. And we wonder why MCDonalds is the Top Employer this year!

    Wake up Amerika! Vote out every scum sucking Parasite on both sides. Remove the Democratic Party in General, make them crawl back under the Shit Pond from which they slugged themselves out of.

    Now ask your self, Where is the US economy going in the next 10 years with these fucking idiot students entering the Work Place?
  2. I heard part of that board discussion on Denver talk radio today. Capitalism isn't perfect, and it is based on greed, but greed is what motivates most of us to work harder, and that's ok. Being married to someone that grew up under the thumb of the Soviet Union it collapsed because there was no greed incentive. Why work harder when you get the same irregardless? If communes were so great why did hippies leave them?
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    Because they became rich, moved to Vashon Island and drive around in Bentleys. I wouldn't kid you about that either.