The truth about the financial fix

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fhl, Mar 24, 2009.

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    The truth of it is that the "unregulated" entities, hedge funds and private equity firms, are being asked by the Obama administration to bail out the "regulated" institutions.

    And all while the zeitgeist hammers us day after day with the same old fleabitten cannard that deregulation and out of control wall streeters brought the entire system down. Could an adult please connect the dots for this crew as it is apparent they'll never figure it out on their own.

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    The sequence of events goes something like this:

    1. Barney and Chris demand gse's, banks, and securities firms (which they regulate) to implement policies which will bring about the lefts' ideas of fairness and social justice. Hedge funds and private equity firms (non regulated) are exempt as they are outside Barney and Chris' control.

    2. Gse's banks, and securities firms implode. Hedge funds and private equity groups doing ok.

    3. Barney and Chris explain that the reason the gse's, banks, and securities firms implode is that they lack enough regulation.

    4. Msm butt-boys repeat Barney and Chris' charges.

    5. Tim, Barney, and Chris invite unregulated financial entities that are successful and swimming in money (why else invite them?) to bailout the entities that congress regulated.

    6. Barney and Chris repeat charges that lack of regulation caused the entire sordid mess. Nobody asks them why the unregulated entities are still sound and the regulated entities failed.

    7. Msm butt-boys again parrot Barney and Chris.

    8. Illiterate masses all across the country, having heard nearly 1,000 times that lack of regulation caused financial crash, well, of course, believe it. Why not? Everyone's saying it, aren't they?


    Toxic assets sold at such a deep discount that banks can't survive, they are subsequently nationalized, and Barney and Chris tell media that this is just simply what happens when you have a laissez faire system of commerce, and from now on things will be much different. (with the help of their guidance, of course) Then they proceed to congratulate themselves for their wisdom.