The Truth About The Alaskan Jet!

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  1. From what I know of Palin so far, I don't like her, and I don't think she is qualified to be a Vice President.

    Having said that, I will wait until the press does a much more thorough job of scrutinizing her before I render further judgment on her.

    I think that the bubble they've put her in, not allowing reporters to interview her, is a shining example of the failure of our electoral process.

    No candidate for public office should have such broad shelter from the press. It is absolutely ridiculous.
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    There should be a law that the presidential nominee of a party has to pick his veep from among his competitors in the primaries. That would end this bs forever.
  3. She is willing to go on the Oprah show but guess what? Oprah does not want to see black votes move away from her beloved Obama. So Oprah says no. Oprah is a failure to black people.
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    Oprah doesn't have any presidential candidates come on her show, not Obama, not anybody else. She's been consistent on this; Hillary's supporters were whining just like you are now.
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    Obama has been on her show twice, and she can claim it was "before he was officially a candidate" all she wants, everyone knew he was running. That all being said, I'm trying to decide who scares me more Barak Obomination or Sarah Palin, its very close.
  6. It is indeed a tough call.
  7. Obama has never been on her show? That is like saying Oprah has never been to Africa.
  8. Palin and Ron Paul have virtually a 100% serial correlation on issues. In fact Palin had been floated many times as a Veep for Paul. Palin also made the well reported “cool.” statement which led many to believe she was a Paul supporter. “He’s a good guy,” she added. “He’s so independent. He’s independent of the party machine. I’m like, ‘Right on, so am I."

    The Chicago trading community was solid behind Paul. I voted for him in the Fl primary, put up a sign on my lawn and for the second time since 2002 I contributed to his campaign. (VERY small) Most of my close friends were on the Paul train. They are now ALL onboard with Palin.

  9. To buttress your point Brandon almost every newspaper article on the subject-even the L.A. Times-identifies Oprah in their lead in as a "Obama supporter", "fundraiser" ect.

    That same mainstream media is on her ass. To endorse a candidate yet give no voice to any other candidate or view is disingenuous to say the least. Especially when Oprah is MUCH more a rich, ruling elite than anyone in "Big Oil." Shit Boone Pickens wishes he had Oprah money.
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