The Truth About Prop Trading: Join Us or Perish

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    Arcade style day trading is a dying business, thank God. A firm demanding $ up-front to allow you to trade while charging you a commission marked-up 14,000% are evil locusts targeted by the SEC. Several lobbying groups, regulators and class action law suits are underway to shut these firms down. Soon they'll all be gone.

    If you ever worked for a firm that paid a commission, no salary and prevented you from working elsewhere is guilty of tax and labor law violations. Report them. Contact us and we'll steer you towards the lawyers pursuing the class actions. Studies show a measly $2000/month makes the trader SEVEN TIMES more profitable on avg.

    The founder of this group's been a trader since 17, getting his Series 7 by 18. In 2011, a JD-MBA became his focus while managing his own and family money. A respected trader with a track record hard to match, he's well known among the hedge fund and proprietary trading community.

    Professional traders, managers and analysts use this forum to share ideas for an informational edge since this is an international group. We've learned discipline dictates when to trade and when to hit the beach or snow. That's how fortunes are made. "Chart Readers" stuck on Edwards & McGee are ATM machines for automated traders. Advanced TA gets into quantitative or "Statistically Based Technical Analysis". If you're still on triangles, flags and wedges, I'll take the other side of your trades + I'll give you 100:1 leverage personally.

    Trading off a chart after sitting down an hour before the open guarantees you'll die broke.

    We know the power of software automation & wouldn't trade without some quantitative data. If you make in 1 month what most make in 1 year, welcome to the life of a trader. At the same time, you may not see another check for months. So don't blow your wad after a $200k month. You never want to be in a position where you have no bank roll. Always keep the emergency till full.

    Anyone want to join this group for the future of real prop trading? These guys are right on , no phony baloney with the mission statement. surf
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    The link leads to a page full of TA annalists.
  3. Read the mission statement posted and linked to find out why you are always losing. --- real traders real names real success.
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    No single methodology used in a vacuum generates success or $ in the long run. I think TA is a very useful tool and those traders who understand this can and are profitable.
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    1) I read the statement
    2) who says I'm always losing?
    3) The link showed several TA guru's and price charts including an Elliot Wave guy.

    4) I just noticed earlier that Mav got funded by TST. Apparently his TA trumped your...what do you call those things...equity divers?
  6. That's not the point. Everyone trades differently, that's why the market works. As long as you have evidence backed reasons why you do what you do, go for it.
  7. What a joke...
    If these firms were holding a gun to your head then I would understand ... Else this is ridiculous
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    I have seen a lot of traders on this site join firms with no homework what so ever then, post all over the place after all is lost. All that said that does not excuse poor ethical practices i.e. you can't set up people for failure just because they are gullible or are ignorant.
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    Isn't that pretty much what the "TA brigade" keeps trying to tell you?
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    Automated traders/algos/bots are ATM for chart readers. :D
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