The truth about blacks (from a black man)

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    Too bad they don't follow leaders like that guy could be instead of the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world.

    Along his thoughts, there has been 120 shooting deaths in Chicago so far this year and over 500 wounded. You don't hear any outrage over those deaths going nationwide. It's shameful.
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    Holy shit! And that's a state that largely ignores the constitution and second amendment. Along with D.C. the only state in the country that does so.

    Apparently forbidding citizens to arm themselves outside of their home doesn't have any positive affect on the number of shootings.
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    I could work with that brother, he's honest and more intelligent than most of them.
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  5. is the screen green for anyone else?
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    Nooooooo. Have you been drinking a lot of left over St. Patty's beer lately?
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    You mean as in Earth friendly?
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