The Truth about "Assault Weapons"

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  1. There is no difference between your average hunting rifle and a legal AK47. Except cosmetic. One looks "scary". The other, your dad uses to hunt with.

    Feinsteins bill bans most semiauto handguns and rifles. That's 90% of the guns out in circulation. Semiautos are everything but revolvers and bolt action rifles!

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  2. wjk


    Anything from a man's fist to his car is an assault weapon. If not, where does the term "assault and battery" come from?
  3. So we should ban cars? And fists?
  4. pspr


    Just goes to show how much stupidity and misinformation prevails in the anti-gun group. But, they get on their real agenda to disarm the public and the facts are just inconvenient truths.
  5. Well said +10
  6. wjk


    Of course not. It doesn't fit the agenda (though I believe the left does want us all in little bumblebee cars).
  7. Exactly.
  8. pspr


    Hardly, they want us in Fred Flinstonemobiles.
  9. BSAM


    More gun control is on the way.
    Don't resist, brothers.
    Don't resist.
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    Any chance you could start taking your meds again? Soon?
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