The True Volume "Guasians"

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  1. For years Jack and Spydie have been trying to teach ET the value of volume "guasians", as Jack so quiantly put it in his first post on the subject, now blessedly lost in the new post longevity regime. This in the mistaken belief that ET is in fact educable. I have argued the invalidity of the concept since its deception, but failed to offer anything in its place. The attachment remedies my years-long failure. It is the TRUE guasian relationship between price and volume. You can see that MY guasians tend to indicate turning points in price at least as randomly as Jack's do. My unalysis is based in a perfectly illegimate pustulated relationship between price and volume founded in my going blind watching both lo these past nine years.
  2. LOLOL :D , good Sunday to you.

    I only see "blue bars" on your chart, so I gotta ask you exactly what are you supposed to be showing here.

    On behalf of myself and the other ineducable ET'ers. :p

    P.S. LOL some more, yep, this is total crap.
  3. AlmondBread, I did not color the bars because the individual bars have no meaning. The sign-nificance of the bars resides in their guasian-ness, which requires bold crayola strokes (color likewise unimportant) to discern. Whomever, I ass-sure you that the function I plotted is a valid, irrational way to view the non-relationship of price and volume. APA will no doubt deconstruct it for you. It is simple, uses only price and volume, I have used it often with no success, and I would reveal the details but to do so would cause me almost as much em-bare-assment as I feel for the crayola set when they post their coloring books.
  4. Note how True Volume Guasians tuned for ES called the major move in the market today at 10:46 PT (blue bar above aqua threshold).
  5. Glad to see you've created an indicator that gives you a signal 56 minutes late. Nicely done. :D

    12:50 [close of bar] Eastern Time - up trend ended and the down trend began.

    ES 5 minute chart.

    - Spydertrader
  6. I built in a break for lunch. Say what you will, my neo-SCT systems are hard-coded, unambiguous and soundly based (in this case) in binary decision theory. When one of my systems makes a call, it is a surefire wiener. I might also note that there were numerous sub-threshold true volume guasianlets which further fine tuning might convert into hard calls. However, I am content merely to show ES traders the way. This is a fully functioning system in NQ which I use to disconfirm potentially bad trades suggested by my felonious application of SCT.
  7. As usual, you misdiss my unventions out of hand because I do not foon speed you. I had expected you as Jack says to "due your do diligence". Attached you will find proof that True Volume Guasians disambiguate volume analysis, especially during periods of volume frenellation.
  8. LOLZ, you're a terror! :p
  9. Give me an enema and you could bury me in a thimble. But my untechnical unalysis is unnovative, uncisive and is unfluencing an entire new generation of ET traders. You would cry if I could show you what I unreally trade with. Discerning patterns, determining their algorithms and coding them ever so much more fun when you don't need the money and make it the work of a lifetime.
  10. I dismiss things 'out of hand' that signal entry after I have already entered. If you want to learn to enter after I do, and teach ET to do the same, you won't find me complaining. :D

    - Spydertrader
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