The True Value of ET

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  1. An unaccustomed bout of sobriety brought me to the realization that the true value of ET may not be what the majority of its members may think it is. Sure, it's the only real game in town, the moderation is in the main admirable, and many serious traders post here. But increasingly what I find of interest is the following:

    indications of the flow of new retail traders into the markets (noise)

    indications of the ebb of failed retail traders from the markets (silence)

    measures of how stupid and gullible advertisers think newbies are

    measures of how desperate newbies are to find profitable trading systems

    the extent to which expressed opinions about market direction lack analytical basis

    the continuing absence of new ideas in trading

    a continual increase in the number of lurkers vice logged-in members.

    These are but a few observations off the top of my head. But you get the idea. Keep up the good work, ET!
  2. everything you say is true

    I for one am willing to be honest and say exactly what many of you won't admit

    traders are usually lonely people, and not understood by majority

    partly because they are smart and partly because of their personality type

    so here I am among the ONLY people who understand me and I them
  3. What are you trying to say? :confused:
  4. djxput


    reminds me of this joke ...

    "I'm skitsophenic and so am I"
  5. hmm
  6. the search function to view posts from 2005 on back.
    current threads have a value on par with cleaning up your neighbors dog shit.
  7. I thought it was just a spamfest