The true profession of a man is to find his way to himself.

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  1. nitro


    - Hermann Hesse.

    Not doing so is the biggest crime we commit against ourselves.
  2. There are two things in this world a man searches for...Wisdom and riches.

    Once he finds one, he will stop looking for the other.
  3. Retief


    That's the dumbest profession I've ever heard of. You want to find yourself? Look in a phucking mirror. There you are. Now go do something useful, like coding up a system that will consistently scrape a few ticks of profit out of ES. Save the new-age tripe for the unemployed or under-employed hippie forum.
  4. hoffmanw


    Not necessary. There are very few people maybe one in couple millions programmed by nature in such way seeking both wisdom and riches together or one precede the other. They are the ultimate pigs. They want the best of both world.
  5. dst888


    So many scientists and engineers who patented their discovery or invention and made a great fortune out of it.

    Wisdom and riches, it is easier for W to get R if one has some practical mind, but not the other way around though.

  6. Lol......Nitro is quite a bright guy , Must have been something he smoked today.. Before u open his brain , let him check out the 200 pounds of fat he,s accumulated choking his little heart after all those cheese burgers and shakes. Maybe then he,ll back-off. After all , if u gonna check into his brain , u gonna have to bring down the Hubble. The man is our very own einstein.:D
  7. zdreg


    I suppose it is a different: " the goal of a man is not to find himself but to reinvent himself."
  8. Exactly. Who wants wisdom when they can be rich? Besides, remember the famous words of John Kenneth Galbreith: “Nothing so gives the illusion of intelligence as personal association with large sums of money." Two birds, one stone. :p
  9. Herman Hesse. New-age tripe. You heard it here first.