The true (in a sense) cost of military spending and what else it could have bought

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  1. <a href=""><img src="" alt="Cost of Military" width="500" border="0" /></a><br />From: <a href=""></a>
  2. I suppose if I didn't drink I could buy my kid a Maybach, so what's the point?

    Wait, I have a better analogy. Let's discontinue "Lotto" or close all the casino's then everyone can buy other stuff with their own money.

    Wait, I have a better analogy, let's not bail out GM and see what we could have bought?

    Wait, I have a better analogy....:cool:

    stay tuned
  3. its information. don't you want to know how your tax dollars are being spent?

    or maybe you don't pay any tax.... you're a star of entitlement. :D .
  4. These numbers only reflect procurement costs. They do not incorporate the annual cost of maintenance, fuel, etc.
  5. Ya know if we spend tax dollars on an aircraft carrier, I can see a picture of what we built with our tax dollars and what it can do.

    On the flip side when there is a long line of people with snap cards (tax dollars) in line at Wall mart they basically get in the way and make a lot of noise.....:D
  6. Indeed our spending priorities are misaligned and we have become a welfare state. Our spending has brought us to a 15 trillion dollar deficit so cuts need to happen across the board (in order to get this country back on its feet).

  7. Maxi ..... pay close attention to what nutmeg has just said. :) .
  8. jem


    those military costs are ridiculous. Do we really need billion planes when a sub cost 2.3 billion. I do not care how stealthy it is. Unless it is invisible.

    The whole govt is a huge over spending beast.
    Cut it back 5% a year... now.
  9. And they sure add up quick. I'm thinking a few more than five percent tbh.


  10. Why in the world would Iran want a nuclear bomb...seems crazy right?

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