The trillion dollar account. Yes, with a T

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    I recall a while back a bank or brokerage reported its assets under management had increased by over a trillion dollars in a year, apparently due to a single account. With less confidence, I recall the account was closed or something the following year. Anyone remember it? How many trillion dollar accounts do you think there are out there?
  2. Just thinking out loud. A dozen or so asset managers exceed a $trillion dollars - none of the sovereign funds have reached a $trillion. Do you count national treasuries? Can't think of any single $trillion account unless you include a national treasury. Anxious to see other responses.
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    All these years i kept my net worth private, but i suppose it was only a matter of time before it leaked :D
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    Indeed. I was a little shy but since I'm not alone I suppose I can tell everyone about the time I turned $50k into a little over a trillion in 18 months.
  5. When can we expect the infomercial on youtube concerning that? Get Tony Robbins to endorse you and speak if possible.:p
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    I should send balance statements to all those people who have said I'm worthless.
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    people or/particularly women?
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    It was rumored to be Blackrock
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    Bigger than you!
  10. Pension and sovereign fund assets.
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