the trend is up , the market has bottomed

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Beer Man, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    in memory of lundy, may we buy dips to toast him
  2. lundy


    thanks, but i'm not dead!!!!!
  3. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    cheers bud
  4. mgkrebs


    I love saying that.
  5. Hey, Lundy!!!
  6. lol..lundy lives.
  7. Rigel


    Lundy, what happened? Are you still in? :)
  8. rs7


    Welcome back man. You have been conspicuously quiet. I always enjoyed your input, and always admired your convictions.

    It was so easy for all those to break your chops when the market was tanking, but I thought you showed courage and actually some reasonable logic for your stance. And I said so at the time. Though I didn't necessarily agree with you then, I thought you deserved a lot of credit for taking a stand and defending it. And I also thought you showed great restraint in putting up with all the unnecessary abuse you were subjected to. You handled it well.

    Anyway, hope your calls worked out.

  9. yeah lundy, just cuz some of us ridiculed you, don't be afraid to post.
  10. lundy


    Rigel, I'm still "in". I basically stuck to my plan which was to pyramid into a long position after we took out September lows. But I'm not giving details about my positions anymore. Nor will I post any predictive stuff as it really gets some people riled.

    Rs7, yer a dude.

    Gordon, I'm not afraid to post. I've just waited for the dust to settle.

    thank you all for your support during my midlife elite crisis. :D

    damn chasinfla, u got 1666 posts. I guess I missed alot ? or not!! :D
    #10     Aug 23, 2002