the trend is down, market has reached peak

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DT-waw, Jul 10, 2002.

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    I agree :D


    Where's Lundy?
  4. lundy


    are you talking about long term?

    Or did the stochastics just hit 100 on your 1 minute chart?

    better check the 2 minute chart dude, it looks like a breakout to me.

    shit the 5 minute chart looks even worse, it looks like a bottom.

    oh no.
  5. Bono



    Regardless of where the market goes from here, it's great that FINALLY someone is correcting the trend direction of that other popular thread. I was just scared people would re-define trends as follows :

    Up Trend = Lower Peaks + Lower Troughs
    Down Trend = Higher Peaks + Higher Troughs

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    lundy, I'm a moron. I can't predict the future! I have no idea what will happen :mad: Trend is down on weekly bars :) maybe
  7. chisox

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    you cant be a moron until you are completely wrong, insite others, then cry foul, claim to buy magical puts which dont lose value on the uptics, and dance around like a pinyata
  8. Remember about 6 months ago Fidelity (or was it Schwab) ran that town meeting ad where they said be calm, stay invested? And all the people in the town meeting audience did that weird nervous, but relieved laughter thing?

  9. Looks like we're heading for a fairly fugly close.
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    yup, the comp.x needs to catch up to spx &indu if it wants to have
    a new low close as well...hey where is lundy, counting his money on those magical long nakad calls which have 0 theta, and cant wait for a rally to explode in implied volatility.
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