The treacherous path to $200k a year

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  1. Hello my fellow friends,

    I am now posting a journal since I started to convert my previous occupation (running businesses) into trading/investing for real. I want to make sure I succeed under all circumstances. Or else how would I pay for chow :D

    I am 2X years old, I have been running things since I was 13 , a few failures a few successes, those successes made me a happy man, those failures made me even stronger.


    I have a nice size capital, I trade with usually around $100 K Buying power, and scale up to $200k

    I have no self esteem issues, I don't do revenge trading, I do get frustrated and over trade, I definately know I'm a mini me compared to the mighty market.

    Me = stupid

    I am risk adverse, I know how to lose, 0.3% stops mental.
    but of course even with these stops;

    Me = stupid.

    So I'm bound to have slippage :)

    Position size:
    Right now I use $60k , until I can get a nice profit so I can reward myself with a bigger size $120-150k

    $60k allows me to buy around 2000-3000 shares of $30 stocks

    Once I put on a $60k , it should make money immediately, immediately afterwards I will initiate another position in a 2nd stock to put me around $100k invested.

    nasdaq stocks.

    One or two opportunities day at extreme rallys or sells.
    I will only sell at extreme rallies, buy at extreme sells.
    I will short more often then I buy, for some reason,
    Short is my friend, Its sort of like what one of the ET members said

    "once I hit the "buy" button, it automatically steals my money"

    so I use this to my advantage and change this into the "Short" button.

    Thats all I allow the market to take from me


    I only allow myself 1 or 2 trades a day,

    That means If I get stpped out twice, thats it buddy,
    Go home. You should have been more patient instead of shorting everything or longing everything on sight.

    Next time you'll know better then throw away your opportunities.

    Again Me = stupid.

    Experience: Been trading on and off for 2 years, almost full time since Last year doing position trading.

    Goals: 1-2% each trade , Month = 2-3% a month
    Trading windows. 6-9 times a month.

    My goal of this journal is, I want to make it to a full time trader because I need a used porsche and live in a hotter area in NYC , I need to make money and I need more $$$$$
    I missed out on the real estate boom of 2000, I cry myself to sleep almost every night.

    I'm here for the money, I will under no cicumstances mess with myself and do dumb things.

    Me = stupid.

    Stating that, I'm bound to do dumb things :D

    Money Goals: with a capital of $200-400k , I'm hoping to do 1% per trade and make $2k- $4k each successful trade, If I can accomplish $10k a month, I'd be happy for that time.
    but I'd like to hit $20k a month. When I hit $20k a month, I'd probably want to hit $40k a month, When I hit $40k a month, I'd probably just be skipping in place all day.

    Although I am only using $60k right now, because Me = stupid.
    Stupid people can't be managing $400k until they prove themselfs!

    Considering Me = stupid, Thats a mighty task for a youngling like me.

    Time to walk the treachrous path.

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  2. can you really do this ... ?

    -Goals: 1-2% each trade-

    -Stops 0.3% -

    good luck in getting that new "Porsche"

  3. Where did a young guy like u get access to $200k?
  4. SethArb,
    You have me mistaken, I want a used porsche, not a new one. I may be stupid but I ain't completely retarded to pay $30k extra just for the new car smell that goes away in a week once my sweaty ass gets in there.

    0.3% 1-2% gains, Yes that is doable, I have done it many times or else I'd be silly to post it.

    But don't worry, I'm sure you have already jinxed me so I'm probably going to be stopped out the next 10 times and lose $200 each time.

    Trend Fader,
    They call me the money man, but its usually because they like to steal all my money.
  5. 6/10/05

    shorted SYMC @ 21.52
    Covered SYMC @ 21.23

    Shorted XMSR @ 31.22
    Covered XMSR @ 31.22

    Profit around $875 - $300 for overtrading (last spike of the day)

    +$575 For the day.

    Mistakes: condurundum, Don't overtrade.
  6. Market View:

    Market in a downtrend, All shorts proceed with EXTREME caution, We may chop around 2000/2100

    Did not hold any positions overnight though. I do love holding positions overnight since most of the money is made there.
  7. Well, if your for real a .30% stop and 1.2% avg win size indicate a 4:1 risk reward ratio. Thats very good. What is the win / loss rate in your trading?
  8. Be careful. This week might be a dangerous one to be short because if one of the main factors behind the recent surge in oil prices was hurricane Arlene, which turned out to be much milder than forecasted, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see oil falling to around $51, and that might enough to set the stock market on fire.
  9. Moreagr


    I got a similar strategy momo scalping. my size in normally over 800 shares on volatile stocks. i like to do over 1000 or more shares at a time. I use even tighter stops. hit Ford motor friday morning on a good run.

    which ones are you looking at currently??
  10. It is not hard to do. If you have $50K, with current margin rules of 1 X 4 you get $200K.
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