the train is leaving the station.for republicans.

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  1. republicans must feel like a fund manager who missed this rally and is now being forced into the realization that the train is almost out of site and he may have to chase it.
    the market is turning. obamas programs while horribly expensive are starting to look like they are giving the market confidence. the republicans have been the party of no ideas and no contribution. can you imagine what happens to republicans in the next midterm election if the democrats can say look we saved the economy.
    the republicans need to get rid of the far right wing of rush and palin and move to the center and govern or they could go extinct.
  2. Time and date stamped.
  3. As I recall the republicans tried just that strategy last election. They ran a middle of the road guy who was non-partisan and had a long record of working with democrats and was adored by the media. Didn't work out too well.
  4. he was an old geezer who had no clue about economics and who picked an idiot for a running mate. in any case after the trail of disaster bush left no republican had much of a chance.
    i am talking about the next election now. how do republicans have a prayer of gaining power in congress if the economy looks better then?everything passed now has almost zero republican support. what are you going to run on? cutting spending? dont make me laugh after the last republican administration.
  5. Excellent point Vehn.

    The GOP has contributed nothing.
    Absolutely nothing . . . and the train has already left the station with the markets showing a lot more confidence.

    So what do Republicans run on from here on out, cutting spending?

    Don't make me laugh.
  6. GOP fucktards are finished.
  7. It all comes down to jobs....

    If we continue to loose 600,000 jobs a month, the Democrats are in trouble.
  8. I think you nailed it. Imo, the job numbers are going to become the next manipulated number.

    This brings another thought to mind, whats the difference between geting an unemployement check or gov't check and a "make do" work job?

    Everyone trumpeting the value of a college diploma and the only jobs are to check luggage for the TSA or fast food. The pols are changing the recipe for apple pie. At least with FDR something meaningful came out of the make work projects. Not much of anything satisfying is going to come out of this round of pork.
  9. Your black king just bowed down to an arabian shiekh
  10. Nothing will top Hank Paulson genuflecting to Nancy Pelosi in the halls of Congress.
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