The tradtion of stupidly long speeches and Gadaffi

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  1. There is supposedly a thing going around, based on the idea that Gadaffi is, if nothing else, a bore.

    "If the rebels don't surrender, we will replay Gadaffi's speech", or similiar, supposedly an excruciating 3 hours long.

    But, Castro was known for, basically, talking all afternoon to, is this a dictator thing, where did this tradition come from?

    Does anyone know?

    I can sort of understand it in the days pre-megaphone/radio, by the time you finished maybe some salient bits had in fact made it to the back rows or whatnot, but now? With the attention span of modern people?
    Doesn't make any sense, does it?

    Is it simply to portray, that by talking forever, you actually care about the country and people, or-something else?

    Heck, i would struggle for material on anything after about a minute, if that, HOW do these guys even find shit to say?
    Cue -lib?

    Interested in opinions.

    Edit-yes, I know a spelled "tradition" incorrectly, but I don't care.
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  3. Hey, that seems fun and everything, but I couldn't understand a word he (they) said.

    I don't speak Arabic, Sammee.
    Hey, I like scantily clad dancing girls as much as anyone, but I don't get it.
  4. You are not missing anything, the dude did not make any sense to us Arabs.
  5. Assuming you speak arabic, (I do not, english only) bit's of it sounded like "live and learn, live and learn, hola, hola" something or other, in English. Hola is spanish of course, but this mix is amusing.
    I could swear "motherfucker" was in their somewhere, but perhaps that's just the guttural Arabic vocalization of something else?
  6. He was threatening the protesters. What he said “I will go after you, foot by foot, house to house, alleyway to alleyway, march forward, march forward, revolution, revolution. I have millions (He meant followers), I call on the millions of the desert, and they will march in the millions. No one can stop them, in a lightning speed."

    I told you he did not make any sense. :D

    Funny part, this song is playing in every night club in the Middle East.
  7. Ricter


    He's cracked, and a bore, but some of the criticisms he's made of Western imperialism are bang on.

  8. Rofl, I think he's caught Dubya's public speaking disease.

    Ok, I think we can rule out verbose speechwriters, he's nuttier than a bag of squirrels.

    Millions in the desert? Millions of what? Grains of sand? Barrels of oil? Imaginary friends?

    Winston Churchill, he ain't.

    I just hope he is wrong about the freedom and democracy push we have seen isnt a cover for jihadi's and sharia law/taliban types; doubtless, they realize democracy is the fastest route to imposing sharia law/extremist islamic states. Manipulate the electorate, get voted in bingo, all over red rover. Kinda like Chavez, except more islamic.

    Not surprised it's a hit, it's actually quite catchy:)