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  1. In my 32 years both on and off the floor in the Futures business, I humbly admit after much trouble and toil I have developed my own personal day trading method that serves me well. I have no financial interests or am I even yet a member of this free trading group on Paltalk. The team of Greg, Sect, and Gator deserve the title of the BEST demo room on the entire WWW by far. I could not recommend their service any higher. If you are an unprofitable day trader, you really owe it to yourself to check out these most generous guys. I promise you , you will not be sorry and it just might save your trading career. Sincerely, Dennis Dorsch
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    Interestingly enough there is a guy that sounds a lot like you on the home page testimonial....

    I smell a rat !
  3. Smell again- I'm not that same guy. The post is intended to help people-not negative energy from a loser who jumps to untrue conclusions.
  4. So they are just 3 philanthropists who have dedicated their lives to making other traders profitable because they are so..

    Ahhh I couldn't finish it with a straight face

    Their home study course is $1999... the old rope a dope.. suck em in to Paltalk... butter em up.. then drop the 2 large hammer

    Push it somewhere else Dennis (Greg)..

    and ps: nobody is going to take a trader named Gator seriously.. you should really let your partner know that
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    Hi Greg

  6. nice to see greg back again.typical response from the losers at elite trader . and yes , as always plenty of negative energy to go around.
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    5 posts LOL

    Your SPAM buddy

    Hit the complain button folks!
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    5 Posts since 2004. Spammers are not that patient. Check out his other three posts before you pass judgement.
  9. Don't question my integrity pal, these three guys can out trade any other three people I've seen either on the CBOT floor or on any WWW screen. You are not only negative and mean spirited but also foolish.
  10. 8 posts in over 2 years.. and you came out for this one???
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