The Trading Edge: how to trade like a winner

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  1. For sale in Asia, will only ship within Asia.
    Like new.
    $40 usd inc. shipping. please PM if interested.
  2. I can learn to make tons of money for only 40 dollars.........sounds like a great deal to me!!
  3. Oh so now the Asian's get to rule the world huh?

    Unfair. I'm telling Obama.
  4. LOL, you aren't offering much of a deal, now are you? :confused:

    The Trading Edge

    It's just an "OK" read, nothing new there.

    The guy is a better marketer and GURU than trader. :p
  5. It's an arb trade; buy on Amazon (-30$), sell on ET (+40) = 10$ minus fess.
    It's no joke when they say the market is efficient.