'The Traders Who Skip Most of the Day'

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  1. "At Briargate, Stock Market's Open and Close Is All That Matters. Then, Golf."
    "On the day the "flash crash" bludgeoned the stock market and chaos swept over
    the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, the founders of Briargate Trading were
    at the movies. Rick Oscher and Steven Rubinstein weren't playing hooky. Briargate,
    a proprietary-trading firm that the two former NYSE floor "specialist" traders started
    in 2008, is mostly active at the stock market's open and close. In between, when
    market activity typically drops, the Wall Street veterans play tennis in Central Park,
    take leisurely lunches, visit their children's schools and work out at the gym. Dress
    shoes have been replaced with flip-flops, slacks with cargo shorts. Once during
    market hours, they walked about five miles and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to try
    Grimaldi's pizza." etc
  2. i only trade 3 am - 7:30 (central)
    i don't understand why anyone trades 9:30-1:00
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    I actually like this time of the day to trade, ride my stationary bike and trade chop, buy lows / sell highs, hmmm sort of like trend trading of doing pullbacks. Much more Price Action trading during the lunch time. Got to do something than watch soaps riding the bike. LOL
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    Whoopie shit. They trade the daily.Thanks, but no thanks!
  5. What's wrong with that?
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    It's complicated.
  7. ROFL
  8. I typically do 90% of my vol from 930am EST - 11am EST

    I was flat on the sidelines when the flash crash happenedq
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    absolutely nothing. Its just not out of the ordinary or a surprise. In fact, its a good way to trade with a trend. Just not my bag
  10. Shorter version of this article: these guys are unemployed. They might make some money trading, but no mention is made of how much capital they have. I suspect it's pretty large. They sold out of their specialist firm at the top.
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