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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Sheach, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Sheach



    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with The Traders Key International Market Calculator. I had a go at their 14 day free demo and was pretty impressed by it all. It costs a bit though and I would have liked more time. Anyone else out there used it or have any opinions? Thanks.
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    Oh, common! Can’t you find another way of advertising your little toy?
  3. Sheach


    Yes I thought I may receive comments like that, but I can assure you that I have nothing to gain by advertising this software. First up I am basically a currency trader and the calculator didn't appear to really suit currencies. I also dabble in CFDs and this is where I found the calculator very useful. Think what you like but I am not flogging this toy, I am only after other user's thoughts. Cheers.
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    After having a look at your nominated homepage, I get the feeling I know why you would be quick to write off other (competing) software.

    Again I am only after constructive comments from other users of The Traders Key. I have trialled it and found it very useful on stocks/options, but that is not my trading area.

    You can visit the site at and there you can take up the offer of a free trial for 14 days where you can backtest until the cows come home. I believe it would be a very powerful tool for any stock/option trader. The stock data comes from every major exchange in the world and doesn't cost a cent.

    Good luck with it all......
  5. Stick your trader's key up yours!

    Too many !%*#^! ripoff artists around here lately.

  6. Sheach


    IndexTrader and others.

    Again I must stress I have nothing to gain by showing you this software. What else can I say?
    I don't believe there is any need for the very aggressive negative comments unless you have looked at the product and are unhappy with the results.
    I can understand if you have been ripped off in the past as I am in the same boat, but I am always looking for something that will improve my trading. I am not sure if this product is it or not as I don't believe it went that well on currencies, but I was impressed with the stock results.
    Before you can it, why not take the trial, backtest away, and then see what you think....
  7. thanks for your post. I have no problem with products that have a free trial period. Have you tried it for swing trading or daytrading?
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    Thanks. I only used the end of day data on the trial as that is all I have time for. I know you can trade intraday on it, but I haven't got time to sit in front of the screen all day. That's the way I trade currencies also. Cheers.
  9. Agree! :mad:

    Real traders don't need fancy software or holy grails.
    Sheach, go away and bother others with this $hit.

    Thank you for wasting space on the thread list!
  10. I don't see the problem with his post since he was only asking for opinions. However, perhaps he shouldn't have posted the link.
    There should be an FAQ stating these things and the link should be in bold on the main page.

    As for trader's key, I have tried it and it was simply a toy. I wouldn't even give it the term of a 'black box' since even black boxes might give better signals.
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