The Traders Age? :)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Scientist, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. Since there's already a thread on the average age of traders around here, which is pretty useless unless every trader posts his age and even then we can't make a statistic - We might as well do a poll on the average age and get some real graphic figures.

    Please be honest - And have fun!

    ~The Scientist :cool:
  2. ... very scientific, Brother Scientist :cool:
  3. Oh look... How many ppl have voted already!

    20 odd votes after 5 minutes at this time of the day? I'm impressed. Traders must be early risers...

    This'll be looking pretty cool in a few days... :cool:

    Happy Voting :D
    ~The Scientist
  4. Only 8 votes so far, dude.... where you get the 20 from, Brother Scientist :confused:
  5. But I agree with your sentiments, we should soon enough have some nice stats to mull over...
  6. Nobody has a cooler working time - I live in W-Australia and the time difference is exactly 12 hours.

    When the market opens it's 9:30 pm /21:30 mt here - By then I had plenty of time to do my evening analysys without having to battle morning tiredness.
    I finish trading by the time it's 11:30pm most of the time...
    How cool is that?

    This is my edge. - Or one of them, anyway :D

    P.S: Hey! Looks like somebody reset that poll!
  7. prox


    I read in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities (or one of those magazines) that the median age of a professional trader is 52.
  8. Mygod, we already have 15 votes again...

    I hope this will be a smooth sort of bell-curve at some stage...

    Looks like the 40-50's are making the race till now...
    Come on brothers, no juniors around?

  9. ... someone playin' with da vote count :confused:
  10. Who needs the close? I trade the e-mini's & stocks from 9:30 to 11:30, that pays for my lifestyle :D

    Btw: Pull ya **** in with that allah stuff will ya? This is a religiously unbiased and realistic community. Allah won't help your trading performance.

    Particularly not if you have to find time pray everytime you're in a losing position. :cool:

    I can't believe this loser found his way onto a winner-board :mad:
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