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    Vito Racanelli writes about a report from Bespoke on Apple's rise and what it would have meant if Apple had been added to the Dow way back when instead of Cisco. Even though Apple's stock price is to high to be included in the Dow, the Dow would be at 15,000 when Apple hit $526 a share.

    Nice little bit of arcana.
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    And speaking of Barron's - am I the last person in the world who has a subscription and reads the print edition? Do any of you guys read the print edition? Even newsstands don't carry it anymore.
  3. It's already an alarming percentage of the Nasdaq 100. If it goes up much more relative to it's peers they will have to rebalance.
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    Yeah. But all that market data is annoying and makes me feel like I am responsible for the needless killing of a forest.
  5. use to be mandantory reading. it was very exciting to get a new copy. online just isn't the same. very difficult to get a large grasp of everything online, in print you can kind of see everything proportionately.

    on a side note, I would count and keep score how many times the word "bear" or "bull" were mentioned and use them as contrarian indicators. By the time the score evened out the bull market was in full swing.
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    Used to read it many years ago but it became even more of a mouth piece for Wall Street, and was totally in Wall Street's Pocket. I find the Financial Times to be far more independent of Wall Street and thus more useful. The writing in the Times is better as well.
  7. yeah, both Barrons and WSJ really went down hill. Now IMHO WSJ isn't even worth reading, Was getting my car fixed and they had a copy on the table. I read a few pages and said, "Heck, if I'm going to read this crap I mind as well just read People Magazine."
  8. probably you're getting smarter.


    The black hole of editors limit what is published.

    You confront an author on an article and they say I didn't write "That" "the editors edited what I wrote".
  9. I get the print edition because I like to read it to get away from the computer. But, I haven't found it in the morning the last 2 weeks. They have a really good system to log on to the website and mark missed deliveries. Mostly I like Alan Abelson, not great info but always fun to read.
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    I've been having delivery problems too, but I kept complaining via phone and email and have gotten it two weeks straight now.

    15 years ago I couldn't read Abelson unless I had a dictionary nearby, I can make it through most of his columns without one now. He has definitely increased my vocabulary.
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