The toughest trading year for veteran traders

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DisciplinedHedg, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. Which year has been the worst year in terms of profits/returns for you veteran traders who have been trading since at least 2000?
  2. For stock traders, I would say this year so far has been tough. For futures traders, its been pretty good (plenty of volatility, direction doesn't matter).

  3. 2003 that overwhelmingly negative?

    Being that my question is which year is your worst year in profits, either everyone here is losing (not making?) money at a scary pace or they've ALREADY surpassed their losses in any year 2000-2003.

    Now that's scary...
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    Last year I was up 4% in Jan and 12% in Feb.

    This year I was up 11% in Jan. and so far down 1.8% in Feb.

    Not a big deal, but I do wish the mid session volatility would pick up.
  5. A Veteran trader after 2 years, give me a Break :confused:

    I have been trading for over 25 years and still learning.

    Ask that question again in 2025.
  6. If you've been trading for 25 years, then you can't be that good.
  7. Magna

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    Hmmm, wonder if anyone would say that about an Engineer or a Lawyer or a Doctor or an Actor or a ....
  8. I was waiting for that response, always a Smartass in the group.

    I retired at age 40 several years ago, a Multi-millionaire, thanks for asking.

    I trade remote with one of the best Professional firms on this board, I have buying power of 3M, and I trade whenever the F*ck I want.

    Did Donald Trump, Sam Zell, etc... quit real estate when they became Billionaires?

    How about successful traders on Wall St. Do you really think they quit investing/trading in the market when they step down?

    It took me years to become successful, do you think I am going to quit when I learned to trade successfully.

    I'm sure you can say the same :D
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    What a lot of nonsense. When you are good at something you never give it up. Why would one give up trading if you're successful at it.

  10. Right on...I was waiting for you to reply to that pr**ck!

    Good for you!


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