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  1. Hello everyone..!

    As promised I will be doing a journal based on my experience with TST…

    I was planning on trading E6 (Euro FX) and ES (E-mini S&P 500)!

    I logged in today and I set up my platform… Currently I have 3 winning trades, 2 losses and 6 breakeven trades!!! I’m -$25.00 and something in commissions.

    Right off the bat I would like to say that the platform is easy to set up and TST provides you with both level 2 and charts in an easy to set up format.

    However, the platform is not suitable for high frequency scalping (at least not in simulator mode)…! I have 6 breakeven trades due to the fact that the platform executed me at the next available price… Two of my wins also received cuts due to platform execution and more than a few were turned into breakeven trades… You can not sit on the bid/offer in simulator. Perhaps this is due to my ignorance of the platform but I could not execute anything on the bid/offer side.

    Sometimes there is a lag between what you point click and what you get… I clicked repeatedly to get a price and nothing happened… Then I got a 3 lot fill instead of the 1 I wanted…! That’s ok… I did click it but there was some serious lag…! It is a simulator and that's what happens.

    I was planning on trading E6 but that was halted and the connectivity never came back…

    See attached picture…!
  2. Picture...
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    You're in the wrong month. LOL. We rolled to Dec. No biggie, I use to make that mistake all the time when I first started. This is what a combine is good for! Learning how the futures market works!!!!!! You need to roll all your contracts. If you want to know what the active market is for what you're trading, just ask.
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    We rolled in ES too btw. Most of us are trading Dec now, not sept.
  5. Unless... I did something wrong again... that also seems to be halted.

    thanks for letting me know about ES... Anyway I'm now on the December month.
  6. Maverick74


    No, you're not. LOL. You are now in the spread market. Move one more over. LOL
  7. OK...

    Rolled it to Dec. 12

    It is now open... That was a newbie mistake... My bad. I just had this morning to familiarize myself with the platform and do some trading...! Oh well...
  8. Allright...

    Issue fixed... See new picture...
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    That a boy. Welcome to the futures market. :)
  10. Question here...

    I can't seem to get on the bid/offer regardless of what order I do... It only seems to accept stop orders...?

    What am I supposed to use to (let's say) place a limit sell above the market...?
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