The Top is In !

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wiesman02, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. I'm just kidding :)

    I have no opinion on if the top was in. I just wanted some of the regulars to see the thread topic, and get pissed at another top call thread.

    Maybe if I could get enough people annoyed, I could help to create enough irrationality to promote more fear and thus more selling. With the China situation today, maybe we could get a good sell off and I could make some big $$$.

    Also, I'm in a particularlly good mood today, and so I like to annoy people when in a good mood. I guess I'm just evil :) :)


    The annoying part is that 'joking type top calls' can be more accurate than 'analysis paralysis type top calls'.
  3. lets keep it coming. keep the selling going.

    I remember somebody saying on here that what differentiates the good traders from the bad traders is having those 2 or 3 great trades per month where you really let it ride and make for a huge profit.

    I'm hoping this short from 1204 on ES is that trade for me. 1195 then 1185 please :)
  4. :)