The top 70 people in Chinese politics are worth 90 billion.

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    It seems our Congress is trying to play catch up.
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    I wonder if all the good little comrades are aware of this.
  3. In China, any billionaire is automatically appointed to the People Congress.
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    Right. Al Gore and Ms. "Kosovo-TV" Albright are some of the best "investors" of the bunch.
    As they continue to find small-fry patsies on Wall Street or Martha Stewart street to blame for "insider trading".

    the party in China already has roots for a few generations since Mao. These billionaires and millionaires all have their kids in U.S. universities and graduate schools, lots of real estate and are/were a seeming plurarity of the visitor segment on the Las Vegas strip.

    A lot of the small "hopeful" perk-ups in real estate U.S. "figures" every month or so are due to these millionaires buying up multiple new homes, hotels and buildings as Fed Ben (and Clinton/Bush/Obama lopsided Wal-Marted China trade policy) makes it's easy for them to do so at the lowest discounts in history.
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    I speak with agents who are working for people trying to buy 20 to 60 houses a month for investors for china. There is now a housing shortage in CA.

    we had a chance to inflate out of the debt we owed to china... but now they are hedge against that by buying our real estate.

    good job Mr. President and Congress...letting a country like china peg our dollar...

    they are buying off our crooked politicians and with the help of wall street buying america cheap.

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    Commie Capitalism is full of nothing but corruption. Till the time US and EU buys the low quality hard labor low pay Chinese goods, there will be billionaires propping up in China every month or so.

    As soon as US and EU find robotic technologies to cancel out the slave labor used in China, all the billionaires will disappear like a snow man figure in the April thaw.
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    Was talking abt this a couple of hours ago with a chinese friend, and he claims the topic is not even discussed publicly in chinese OVERSEAS forums. He's spending more time in mainstream forums though, and not hanging around dissidents. I can't read chinese but would like to know how the topic is touched if at all say in US and UK chinese expat/student forums
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    Russians told me it was like that in their country during the Cold War. Marx advocated continual revolution which results in the most murderous psychopaths being at the top of the heap.

    People either stand for Jesus or they fall for everything else.
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