the Token Black Friday Feb Mth End Thread

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  1. Gold, Oil Currencies on fire. Market perched with earnings warnings and credit markets in disarray.

    Hell ya! we're doomed!:D

    ES 1250 here we come..
  2. bgp


    yes, and then 625. :)
  3. I want negative!

  4. 106 pts to go:D
  5. nothing token about it today. look at the overseas markets as well as Dell and AIG earnings disappointments.
  6. this is also weighinh heavily on the markets as the ABK news is what started the rally last week.

    ABK Follow up: CNBC commentator says bailout has hit a fairly significant snag but says this does not mean the situation is dead (11.80 ) -Update-

    As mentioned at 7:37am, CNBC commentator says that the bailout of ABK has hit a fairly significant snag in recent days over the amount of capital that the consortium banks are willing to put in and how much capital the raters are needing to maintain ABK's AAA. Says this doesn't mean this deal wont get done, in fact people tell the commentator that 'all the stops' will get pulled and the deal will get done. Shows that there are significant hurdles in keeping the AAA rating and that the raters are playing 'hard ball'. Says snag was hit Wednesday when raters said they wanted more capital given the structure that was proposed from the consortium of banks.
  7. Too much negativity. Count down to the spike up anyone?
  8. 85 pts to go...
  9. PPT at the close for a photo phinish? (sic)
  10. well that was fun.
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