The Tinder swindler

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    The Tinder swindler:This one blew me away. A man who goes by the name Simon Leviev has seduced and swindled women out of millions of dollars. He finds his victims on Tinder & lures them in with private jets, luxury hotels, and expensive dinners. He’s wanted by police in Israel, and reported for fraud in Sweden, England and Norway. He’s somehow still at large. As someone said on Twitter, this guy is a “one-man Fyre Festival.”

    He’s not your everyday swindler. This man is in a league of his own.
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    Women can be damn stupid sometimes.

    A fool and her money...
  3. d08


    What a surprise, he goes to Israel and "disappears", I'm sure they're not protecting another scammer, again.
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    what a garbage site format, couldn't keep reading