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  1. timvodas


    We have all seen the endless threads about the hedge fund book. We have all heard how good Timmay is good at trading penny stocks. Now its time to see what Timmay has got.

    Lets see Timmay jump in here with his calls, his picks, his strategy. Timmay!!!
  2. Timothy Sykes = timvodas (which he will deny...)
  3. CHNR has now tanked approximately $5/share since I posted it as my first short call 15 minutes ago. Sweeeet!
  4. Ah, the thread from which a thousand indecisions will be launched...
  5. My son made that call as well.

    We're working on his dvd and book as we speak.
  6. Check that, now down nearly $5.50/share or a 12% drop. Not bad for my first call, right?

  7. Uh oh...disturbing trend here: Timmay is going to mention lots of trades, then will only claim the positive trades (and ignore losers...)
  8. That's how Cramer and all the other Snake Oil salesman operate. Why should Timmy be any different?
  9. the difference is I won't have thousands of picks. I look for very specific variables to align. Luckily, right when I'm starting JRJC CRDC and CHNR all have these variables.
  10. Good call.
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