"The time, the time. Whose got the time?'

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  1. And now, for your chance to win a full days trading with Erin Burnett, while sitting on her lap, name that movie !

    And if your not to busy, could someone confirm whether or not option day orders in the SPX and AA are officially closed out at 4pm or 4:15pm
  2. Indexes trade until 4:15, therefore index-based option orders do too. And options based on ETFs that are based on indexes trade until 4:15.
    Exception is conditional orders (sell x option if y index/etf goes to z price, for instance). These expire at 4PM.
  3. spindr0


    "Erin Burnett in Wonderland"
  4. "trefoil on (Erin Burnett's) Wonderland".
  5. Hopefully, you're not resting on a "bulge". :eek:
  6. ............. Hopefully, you're not resting on a "bulge".

    I hear that! However, if any traders on ET are into that, I'm pretty sure Kramer's set is only one or two doors down. I had a contestant who won this very prize last year. He told me it wasn't worth it. I believe he said ....."Getting Kramer to sit still for two seconds was a nightmare."